Florida trip

So, this is my very first blog EVER! I just want to share a little about my life for the moment. My husband and I recently took a trip to Florida and we had an amazing time. I have waited a couple years to get our photos updated. I was waiting mostly in hopes to lose a bunch of weight. Well, I lost some, but I said screw it. It is going to be now or never. I figured what better time to get some photos on the beach. Then I thought what a better way to grow with photography than taking photos yourself! Yes, it was not easy. Especially with my husband who is like a man-child at times. I gave him the button for the shutter release and he had way to much fun. He got me walking away and walking to the camera. Let me tell you... they were not pretty! Haha. Maybe if I get brave enough, I will share them someday.